TST Overland Express awards scholarships to outstanding students (2014-09-09)

The 2014 TST Overland Express International Transportation & Customs Scholarship was recently presented to two hard-working and dedicated Seneca College students who are entering their second year i the college's International Transportation & Customs program. Sze Ming Alex Tang and Sharanpreet Randhawa heve each been awarded a scholarship to help fund their ongoing studies...

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Rob O’Reilly, president of TST Overland Express, is pleased to provide financial assistance to “students who are focused on studies that have the potential to benefit the trucking industry”. This is the sixth consecutive year that two top students entering their second year have received TST Overland Express scholarships. “There are not many opportunities for students who wish to pursue formal education in transportation and logistics, so we view this as a great opportunity to help deserving students who have chosen this important field of study”, said Mr. O’Reilly.


Ms. Tang has set some very ambitious goals for herself. She is currently taking CITT (Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation) courses, and plans to become certified as a Logistics Professional in the next two years. She also plans to earn certificates in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management. “I hope I can work in a company where I can provide all-in-one services, like customs brokerage, dispatch coordination and supply chain management” said Ms. Tang in a statement to the OTA Education Foundation, who administers the scholarship.


Mr. Randhawa hopes to be employed as a Logistics Manager in a reputable company, and has ambitions to be a C.E.O in 10 to 15 years. At a personal level, Mr. Randawaha would like to earn a post graduate degree in Philosophy, and he would like to establish an Education institute to provide education to all Canadians cost-free.


The TST Overland Express International Transportation & Customs Scholarship is financed by income generated on a fund endowed by TST Overland Express, and is administered by the OTA Education Foundation.


Newcom's Joe Glionna joins Foundation's Board (2014-09-05)

The OTA Education Foundation Board of Directions is pleased to welcome its newest member. The nomination of Joe Glionna, General Manager of Newcom Business Media Inc. and the Director of its Truck Group, was confirmed by the board at its recent annual general meeting....

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Joe’s commitment to the trucking industry is demonstrated by his involvement in both the OTA Allied Trades Division and the Toronto Transportation Club Boards of Directors. “Our directors are thrilled that Joe has accepted a position on our board”, says Scott Smith, chairman of the OTA Education Foundation. He further notes that Newcom has been a strong supporter of the Foundation for several years.  “We think that Joe is a good fit for the Foundation, and we look forward to working with Joe as we continue to work towards meeting our ambitious goals”.


Joe started working in the trucking industry full-time in 2006 as an advertising sales representative. Two years later, he moved to Montreal to open an office and establish a subsidiary of Newcom, focusing on the trucking industry in Québec. In Toronto since 2011, Joe believes in “getting involved at the grass roots level”, a philosophy that was drilled into him by his father, Jim, who founded Newcom in 1986.


“I’m pleased to be elected to the Board of the OTA Education Foundation” said Mr. Glionna in a statement. “I’m hoping that being close to University years myself will prove to be an asset for the Foundation, and I look forward to working with the other board members to maintain and enhance a fantastic industry charitable program”.



New Vice-Chair will work to expand Reach of Foundation (2014-08-18)

Scott Smith, Chair of the OTA Education Foundation, is pleased to announce th at Scott Tilley, co-president of Tandet Logistics in Oakville and a dedicated board member since 2010, is the new vice-chair...

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“The Foundation’s directors felt that Scott’s willingness to participate in several industry boards and committees is a testament to his enthusiasm and energy, which will continue to be an asset to the Foundation” said Smith. Tilley is currently vice-chair of the Ontario Trucking Association, and is a past chair of OTA’s Membership and Finance Committees. He is also on the boards of the Canadian Trucking Alliance and The Trucks for Change Network.


For his part, Tilley says that the trucking industry “is a generous one with a long history of supporting many worthwhile causes”. Noting that the Foundation has disbursed more than $250,000 in scholarships since 2008, Tilley remarks that is “serious money, but we all feel that we can do better as we continue to assist students that are in some way affiliated with the trucking industry”.  Tilley replaces Drumbo Transport’s Ellen Poll, who served as vice-chair since 2005, and was an active board member for several years prior to that.


As Vice Chair, Tilley looks forward to supporting the base created by the past and present leaders of the Foundation.  He is committed to expanding the Foundation’s reach to more students and to increasing its base of donors. “It is an honour to be part of an organization that recognizes this need and brings together like minded people from our industry”, said Tilley, whose appointment was passed at the Foundation’s recent annual general meeting.



Grant's Transport Scholarship Winner plans to return to Local Community (2014-07-10)

The Grant's Transport Limited Mathematics scholarship was awarded to Brittany Hermiston, a graduate of Timiskaming District Secondary School who is headed to the University of Guelph in September where she will study for a degree in Biological Sciences. The scholarship, sponsored by Grant's Transport of New Liskeard, is awarded annually to the school's top university-bound math student...

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The scholarship was presented by Grant’s Transport controller, Geoff Walker, at the schools end-of-June graduation ceremony in Haileybury. President, Gord Grant, welcomes the annual opportunity to recognize a local student for their academic success. “This is a great way to give back to our local community, and to assist a hard-working and dedicated individual with tuition and other university costs”.


Brittany plans to obtain her Bachelor of Science degree and then to continue her education in veterinary medicine. She hopes to specialize in the equine field, and eventually, she would like to return to her home of Northern Ontario to open her own veterinary practice. She was an active student in high school, having been a member of the school’s basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball and hockey teams, as well as a member of the Prom Committee. She was also recognized for being an Ontario Scholar.


The Grant’s Transport Math Scholarship is awarded annually and is funded by an endowment established by Grant’s Transport Limited, and is administered by the OTA Education Foundation.


Students Haul Don Anderson Haulage Scholarships to College (2014-06-30)

The Don Anderson Haulage Business and Technology scholarships were awarded to two college-bound students during Stouffville District Secondary School’s Commencement ceremony last Thursday. Madison Langlois was presented with the Don Anderson Haulage Business scholarship, which will help with tuition fees as Madison embarks on her post-secondary studies in Marketing-Business at Durham College. Thas Ganeshathasan was presented with the Don Anderson Haulage Technology scholarship to assist with his bid to become an Electrical Engineering Technician-Power, which will take him to Mohawk College to begin his studies in September...

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Michael Anderson, president at Don Anderson Haulage located in Gormley, Ontario values this annual opportunity to provide post-secondary financial assistance to students graduating from the local high school. “Being from a very ‘hands-on’ type of business, we think that it’s important to encourage students to pursue practical learning through education and training at the college level”, notes Anderson. Anderson Haulage sees this as a meaningful opportunity to “give back to the local community”. The company specializes in the movement of over-dimensional and overweight shipments throughout North America.


Madison is an Ontario Scholar, having been a member of the school’s Honor Roll for all four years in high school. She is also a recipient of the English Award in grade 9, and the Science award in grade 10. After achieving her diploma in Business Marketing, Madison would like to attain a certificate Project Management.


Among his high school highlights, Thas includes being a member of both SDSS’s basketball and badminton teams, as well as coaching the girls’ basketball team. Thas looks forward to becoming a highly skilled member in the power line trade, and eventually work in Alberta.

Winners are selected by Stouffville District Secondary School using academic performance criteria.


The Don Anderson Haulage Business and Technology Scholarships are awarded annually to two graduating Stouffville District Secondary School students with high overall averages who are attending college to study business or technology. The scholarships are funded by an endowment established by Don Anderson Haulage Limited., and are administered by the OTA Education Foundation.


Trailcon Leasing Scholarship awarded to "Second Career" Student (2014-05-29)

The 2014 Trailcon Leasing Trailer Service Technician Scholarship was presented to Vania Agostinho by Paul Merryweather, Trailcon's vice-president of service and operations, this past Wednesday at the 5th annual Trades & Apprenticeship Awards Presentation hosted by Waterloo's Conestoga College. Vania was chosen by the college for excelling is the Truck Trailer Service module of its Motive Power Fundamentals program using criteria established by Trailcon Leasing, the OTA Education Foundation and Conestoga College...

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As a prior year graduate of the college's Radio Broadcasting diploma program, Vania says that her heart has always been more closely aligned with the automotive sector, and she resisted applying for and enrolling in technician-type programs because so  many people thought that it would be "too difficult to learn and work in a male-dominated industry". "I thought for sure that I would take the fundamentals program, and then go into the automotive technician program". However, after being introduced to truck-coach basics, Vania decided that the "big trucks" were more her style.


Trailcon Leasing's Al Boughton is pleased to provide much needed financial assistance to Vania so that she can continue her studies. "We see this as a great opportunity to give back, and to help a deserving individual get the necessary training that will open doors to a career in a skilled trade", says Boughton.


Winners are selected by Conestoga College using academic performance criteria along with established criteria to assess financial need. The Trailcon Leasing Trailer Service Technician Scholarship is funded by an endowment established by Trailcon Leasing Inc., and is administered by the OTA Education Foundation.


Glasvan Great Dane Scholarships awarded to 2014 Recipients (2014-05-29)

The Glasvan Great Dane Truck Trailer Service Technician scholarships were awarded by Glasvan Great Dane Trailer Sales president, Paul Cobham, to Neil Sullivan of Cambridge and Jason Reinhart, also of Cambridge, this past Wednesday. The students were recognized for being the top two academic achievers in the truck-trailer service unit of Conestoga College's Motive Power Fundamentals program. The scholarships were handed out during the college's annual Trades & Apprenticeship Awards Presentation held at its trades campus in Waterloo.

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"Once again, we are thrilled to see our scholarships awarded to such deserving and dedicated students" said Paul Cobham, after taking part in the awards presentation. "This is a great opportunity to reach out to students who have sent their sights on employment in the truck and truck-trailer service industry, and provide them with some financial assistance to help fund their studies".


The winners of the Glasvan Great Dane scholarships are selected by Conestoga College using academic performance as the primary criterion. The scholarships are funded by an endowment established by Glasvan Trailers Inc., and is administered by the OTA Education Foundation.


Endowed Scholarships offer more Financial Assistance for Students (2014-04-07)

Parents and their university- and college-aged children are urged to check out the many scholarship opportunities that are offered through the OTA Education Foundation's endowed scholarship program. These annual scholarships have been established by trucking and service supply organizations through endowments that are managed by the Foundation...

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The Foundation offers a wide array of scholarships that reflect the priorities and values of the companies that endowed the funds and then worked with the Foundation in developing unique scholarship opportunities.


The Foundation’s board, headed by Scott Smith of J. D. Smith and Sons, encourages students to take the time to review all the scholarship opportunities that the Foundation offers. “Students can apply for as many scholarships as they want, and are eligible to win more than one”, says Smith. The scholarships are offered in addition to the Foundation General Scholarships, which are available exclusively to children of parents who work in trucking and trucking-related companies. Endowed scholarship recipients are chosen by the Foundation’s Selection Committee.


Applications are available to download from the Foundation’s website for the following scholarships:


Bison Transport Scholarship: Awarded to a full-time student enrolled in a recognized Transportation, Logistics, Human Resources or Business program at a Canadian university or college.


The Erb Group of Companies "Service to Community" Scholarship: Awarded to a first-year post-secondary student enrolled in a recognized college or university, who demonstrates a commitment to his/her community, through his/her involvement in community and/or charitable volunteer work.


J.D. Smith & Sons "Leaders of Tomorrow" Scholarship: Awarded to a university student who demonstrates a commitment to his/her community, school or other volunteer undertaking while demonstrating exemplary leadership qualities.


OTA Allied Trades Division Scholarships: Awarded to one university student and one college student, who has completed at least one year of post-secondary education, and who has demonstrated a strong commitment to his/her academic performance.


OTA Professional Driver Memorial Scholarship Award: Awarded to one university student each year who is the son or daughter of a professional commercial truck driver.


Scholarships have also been endowed by other companies, for which recipients are selected by secondary schools or post-secondary institutions. Don Anderson Haulage has sponsored annual scholarships to two graduating students from Stouffville District Secondary School, and Grant's Transport awards one scholarship annually to a graduating student from Timiskaming District Secondary School. Both Glasvan Great Dane Trailer Sales and Trailcon Leasing provide assistance to students enrolled in trailer service technician studies at Conestoga College, while TST Overland Express awards two scholarships to students enrolled in International Transportation and Customs at Seneca College.


For more information and to download application forms, go to the Endowed Scholarship page on the Foundation’s website at www.otaef.com.


Scholarship Applications Now Available (2014-03-31)

Students and parents are encouraged to browse the OTA Education Foundation's website (www.otaef.com) to download application forms for both general and endowed scholarships. Students can apply for university or college scholarships in the amounts of $1,500 and $1,000 respectively to help them fund their tuition and other academic fees...

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Applicants must meet all eligibility criteria and be sponsored by an Ontario trucking or trucking services/supply company that employs or contracts a parent of the applicant. In addition, students must submit a brief essay that answers a question about the trucking industry.


Students entering their first year of post-secondary directly from high school are eligible to apply for the J.O. Goodman Award, the Bud Barr Award, or the C.V. Hoar Award. While the same application form can be used, there are additional requirements. Applicants are assess on criteria which include academic achievement, service to community, and participation in extra-curricular activities. Winners for these three awards are chosen by the Foundation's Selection Committee.


The Student Scholarship Application Package for the 2014/2015 Academic Year contains complete information and instructions, along with all the necessary forms for the general scholarships, as well as the J.O. Goodman, Bud Barr, and C.V. Hoar awards.


General scholarships are funded by annual donations, which, in large part, come from the Ontario trucking and allied trades industries. The number of scholarships awarded each year is dependent on the amount that the Foundation receives in donations. To download the 2014/2015 application package or to make a donation, go to www.otaef.com.