Bison Transport Scholarship

Bison Trucking of Canada logoThe Bison Transport Scholarship is awarded to a student who demonstrates exemplary commitment to academic achievement and to helping people through voluntary means, and who is enrolled in full-time studies in a Transportation, Logistics, Human Resources, or Business program at a public Canadian university or college. Bison Transport feels strongly about the importance of corporate commitment to people, and welcomes this opportunity to provide assistance to one student each year who is committed to similar values advanced at Bison Transport.

Applications will be assessed primarily on academic achievement as well as other ways that you help other people, either in your personal day-to-day involvement, or through volunteer/ charitable work.

At Bison, we believe that corporate success can only be attained with a commitment to people which results in a dedicated, reliable, motivated and skilled work force. Our company-funded Staff Educational Assistance Program encourages employees to engage in professional development pursuits and lifelong learning.

You're safe with me street signBison cares… because we’re people driven! This philosophy is incorporated in everything that we do, is an essential part of “Our Core Values”, and extends to our deeply rooted community spirit. That’s why we give back to the community and continuously concentrate our efforts on helping people. To care for those around us, we provide support through charitable giving and the commitment of our time. Our community work focuses on meeting the needs of people. Bison Transport’s community support has included the transportation of food and necessities for those in need, hiring and designing work programs for challenged individuals, and supporting many charitable causes.

Satisfied customers drive our success. Bison Transport builds and engages the most effective workforce in the transportation industry. We hire and retain the best people and we continually develop ourselves through training and mentoring. We foster a culture of respect, family, friendliness, professionalism, and the aggressive pursuit of success. We use our unique environment to deliver safe, reliable and innovative transportation services to our customers.

The scholarship recipient will be selected by the OTA Education Foundation Selection Committee. The maximum scholarship amount is $1,000.

Note: Only scholarship winners will be notified. Scholarship funds will be advanced to the recipient’s post-secondary institution and will be credited to the account identified by the student number provided in the online application.

In order to be considered for a scholarship, applicants must be:
  • Enrolled at a public Canadian university or college on a full-time basis in a TransportationLogisticsHuman Resources, or Business program that will lead to a diploma or degree.
  • Submit your online application by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. Make sure that you review and understand all of the application requirements that are specified below and in the Overview page of the application before starting.
  • You will have to upload a completed Bison Transport Scholarship Statement of Volunteer Work/Community Services form.
  • You will have to upload an essay of 500 words or less (in .pdf format) that explains your motivation for embarking on studies in the chosen field, as well as your career aspirations.
  • You may also elect to upload a letter addressed to the OTA Education Foundation Selection Committee that explains how you help people in ways other than through volunteer/charitable work or community service.
  • Arrange to have an official transcript for your most recent academic year with final (not mid-term) marks, sent (either by mail or emaildirectly from the issuing institution to the OTA Education Foundation.

    By Mail:
    OTA Education Foundation
    555 Dixon Road
    Toronto, ON
    M9W 1H8

    By Email: Email address must contain the URL of the issuing school or school board. Transcripts can be sent to

  • Students who are applying for multiple OTA Education Foundation scholarships are permitted to arrange for only one official transcript to be sent to the Foundation. Applicants are asked to indicate that they are applying for other Foundation scholarships in the “Transcript” section of the online application form.
  1. Download the Bison Statement of Volunteer Work/Community Service form. Complete it and save it in .pdf format using the following naming protocol: <<LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_BisonSTATEMENT>>. You will have to upload this statement as part of your online application process.
  2. Save your essay (see above for description) in .pdf format using the following naming protocol: <<LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_BisonESSAY>>. You will have to upload your essay as part of your online application process.
  3. If you elect to include a letter to the Selection Committee, save your letter (see above for description) in .pdf format using the following naming protocol: <<LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_BisonLETTER>>. You will have to upload your letter as part of your online application process.