JD Smith & Sons
“Leaders of Tomorrow” Scholarship

JD Smith and Sons logoJ.D. Smith and Sons Limited is pleased to sponsor an annual scholarship which recognizes one university student each year who demonstrates a commitment to his/her community, school, or other volunteer undertaking through exemplary leadership qualities.

J.D. Smith and Sons is proud of its history as an innovative leader in the road transportation and logistics industry, both from operational and industry leadership perspectives. Founded in 1919, J.D. Smith and Sons started as a family 2-truck operation, and grew significantly under the leadership of the founder’s son, Doug Smith, who was the company’s president for 40 years. By the time Doug retired in 1994, the company had grown to a fleet size of 100 power units.

Doug’s greatest contributions may have been the direct result of his natural leadership abilities. In 1963, Doug was one of a handful of visionaries who helped to establish the Industrial Cartage Association (now the Toronto Trucking Association) to fill the role of representing cartage companies and the industry for the benefit and betterment of both. Doug also served as the chairman of the Ontario Trucking Association from 1985 to 1987. His contribution to the Ontario Trucking Industry was recognized in 1982, when he was awarded the Trailmobile Service to Industry Award. Regarded as the highest honour, the award recognizes an individual who by his/her commitment, vision, leadership and unflagging service, has made an outstanding contribution to the development and success of the road transport industry.

J.D. Smith’s leadership tradition continues through its third-generation president Scott Smith, who has continued to represent the trucking industry through the Toronto Trucking Association (President, 1996 – 1998), the Ontario Trucking Association (Chairman,2004 – 2006), the Canadian Trucking Alliance, and the OTA Education Foundation Inc. Scott’s brother, Brian Smith, served as President of the Toronto Trucking Association (2008 – 2010). Under their current-day leadership, Scott and Brian have expanded J.D. Smith and Sons into an integrated third-party distribution and logistic services provider, which includes a network of modern warehousing facilities and an extensive fleet of trucks, tractors, and trailers, all coordinated by state of the art IT systems.

This scholarship is awarded in the memory of Doug Smith, to an Ontario university student who is the son or daughter of a parent employed in the trucking industry. Doug’s contributions to the trucking industry, a product of his vision and leadership, will live forever.

The scholarship recipients will be selected by the OTA Education Foundation Selection Committee. The maximum scholarship amount is $1,500.

Note: Only scholarship winners will be notified. Scholarship funds will be advanced to the recipient’s post-secondary institution and will be credited to the account identified by the student number provided in the online application.

In order to be considered for a scholarship, applicants must be:
  • A resident of Ontario
  • 25 years of age or younger as of January 1 of the academic year for which the scholarship applies.
  • Enrolled at a public Ontario university on a full-time basis.
  • The son or daughter of a parent who works (employed or full-time contract) in the Ontario trucking industry.
  • Submit your online application by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. Make sure that you review and understand all of the application requirements that are specified below and in the Overview page of the application before starting.
  • You will have to upload a Curriculum Vitae of past initiatives and/or accomplishments that demonstrates your leadership qualities and abilities.
  • You will have to upload an essay of 500 words or less (in .pdf format) that describes how your leadership attributes have contributed to your personal success, as well as to your community or school. Please include your future aspirations relevant to ongoing community service, charitable work, and your career.
  • You will have to upload a minimum of two (2) reference letters related to your leadership initiatives/accomplishments.
  • You will have to download an Applicant Affiliation with Trucking Industry form, complete it (fillable .pdf), and send it to the company for which one of your parents works for verification and signature.
  • Arrange to have an official transcript for your most recent academic year with final (not mid-term) marks, sent (either by mail or email) directly from the issuing institution to the OTA Education Foundation.

    By Mail:

    OTA Education Foundation
    555 Dixon Road
    Toronto, ON
    M9W 1H8

    By Email: Email address must contain the URL of the issuing school or school board. Transcripts can be sent to info@otaef.com.

  • Students who are applying for multiple OTA Education Foundation scholarships are permitted to arrange for only one official transcript to be sent to the Foundation. Applicants are asked to indicate that they are applying for other Foundation scholarships in the “Transcript” section of the online application form.
  1. Save your Curriculum Vitae (see above for description) in .pdf format using the following naming protocol: <<LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_LeaderCV>>. You will have to upload your CV as part of your online application process.
  2. Save your essay (see above for description) in .pdf format using the following naming protocol: <<LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_LeaderESSAY>>. You will have to upload your essay as part of your online application process.
  3. Save your reference letters (see above for description) in .pdf format using the following naming protocol: <<LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_LeaderREF1; …REF2>>, etc. You will have to upload your reference letters as part of your online application process.
  4. Download an Applicant Affiliation with Trucking Industry form, complete it (fillable .pdf), and send it to the trucking-related company where one of your parents works. Save the form in .pdf format using the following naming protocol: <<LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_EndowedSponsorForm>>. The form must be signed by an authorized representative of the company for which a parent of the applicant works, after which it must be sent by email to the OTA Education Foundation. Complete instructions are included in the form.
NOTE: The same form is used for the OTA Education Foundation (general) and all endowed scholarships that require a company for which the student’s parent works to verify employment. Only one form is required when a student applies for more than one scholarship that requires this information.